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Cloud infrastructure

Our Virtual Dedicated Servers are unlike normal Virtual Private Servers that, we don’t slice up an entire server into multiple virtual private servers. If something happens to the main hardware node, your data is toast if you don’t have a remote backup. Our infrastructure consist of a server cluster that runs on fully virtualized hardware technology. This means, there is no single point of failure on motherboard, hard drive, memory, CPU or network.

100% Uptime Guarantee

We mean what we say. Normal hosts can't offer 100% uptime since they are worried about redundancy in case of a hardware failure. We have redundancy for any of the hardware failures listed below : Motherboard, Memory, Hard disks, CPU, Network.


Don’t have a backup? Don’t worry! There is no need to have a backup if you host your content in our facility. Our infrastructure boasts of a cloud environment that consist of clustered, redundant hardware that stores multiple copies of your data and uses Continuous Data Protection or CDP. All data is stored on redundant SAN infrastructure which fully eliminates the usual issue of hard drive failure that prevents most hosting providers from promising a 100% uptime guarantee. What are you waiting for? Signup with us and enjoy worry free hosting!

24/7 Support

The biggest differentiating factor between a good hosting provider and others in the market is their after sales service and customer support. When you host your enterprise level hosting applications on our facility, you deserve to be heard any time of the day, 24x7. Our technicians are fluent in English and Malayalam helping you with any issues round the clock.

Dual hosting facility

If you develop applications in PHP or ASP.NET or if your application require communication between different types of operating systems, you are probably wary of partnering with a hosting provider that offer only a single hosting environment. Your search ends here. Leelahost's clustered hosting facility gives you access to any hosting platform on the fly.

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    They have worked on many of my projects - from redesigning a few web pages to designing a complete website site and I must say, their designs are incredible and their work is of top quality. These guys are sensible and sure knows what they do. Would recommend to any one looking for web designing & development.