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1. Do you offer both Windows and Linux Hosting?
Yes. We do offer both Linux and Windows hosting.
2. Will I get a control panel to control my account?
Yes, every account will have a unique control panel with logins.
3. Do you charge on a fixed date of every month? Or do you charge every 30 days.
For all recurring payments, we charge the customers every 30 days.
4. What are the payment options that you have?
Our website is cabable of taking payments made through credit cards. We also accept cheques and demand drafts. Net banking and debit card options will added to the website very soon.

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Customer Quotes

  • Arun Christudas

    They have worked on many of my projects - from redesigning a few web pages to designing a complete website site and I must say, their designs are incredible and their work is of top quality. These guys are sensible and sure knows what they do. Would recommend to any one looking for web designing & development.