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Are you IPV6 ready?

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Recently one of our clients wanted to have ipv6 setup on their website. I was delighted! For one thing, reserving ipv4 addresses is getting more and more difficult after the ARIN announcement on February 3rd, last year that available ipv4 address pool is now fully depleted.  Even when we insist our clients to have a sufficient reason to have dedicated ipv4, most people fail to understand the reason. We need it for dedicated nameserver setup, dedicated mail server setup and almost everything dedicated to help boost their SEO standing.  Most data centers have now restricted ipv4 allocation only to requests for hosting ecommerce enabled websites with SSL. To make it short, we liked the idea of implementing Ipv6 for all dedicated IP requirements. LeelaHost already has ipv6 implemented on our website. You may test your local Ipv6 support by logging on to and see if your network supports it. Unfortunately, BSNL in India does not support it on all its network and that is a down side. At the time of writing this article, I doubt if other providers do it either. Therefore, moving to IPv6 alone is a decision still premature under the present network scenario we have around the world.

One of the main reasons why most people opt for a dedicated IP address is their fear of losing SEO 'points' from google for not being on a dedicated IP address. However, google has reiterated its stand that virtual hosting is not something that differentiates ranking of websites.
Having said that ending up in a bad IP neighborhood can have its down sides. For example, if your website shares an IP with a domain with bad reputation, it will affect your email delivery and related services. Your SEO ranking can also be hit if you link back to such websites holding bad IP. If you run your own dedicated server or VPS, such worries are ill founded as mentioned in the link above. In that case, your IP is shared by only the domains you know. Even if you host 100 domains on your shared IP on the server that you own, the IP reputation is entirely in your control. Since LeelaHost servers are fully managed, any such requests of bad IP reputation can be passed on to our engineers who can help you to fix it.

About the author:
Vivek Prasannan is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded companies like and DigitalExpertz Pvt Ltd. He has over 11 years of web hosting industry experience. He also serves as the CTO of and helping to achieve their technological and infrastructural scalability. He is also a full time consultant helping hosting companies streamline their operations and acquisitions.

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