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Join the Cloud revolution - Basics you need to know

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According to the market research firm Gartner, the market for cloud computing technology is expected to explode to $150 billion by 2013 (currently $50 billion per year). What's more, a recent survey showed that 36% of small businesses and 52% of mid-sized businesses intend to adopt cloud computing initiatives within the next 24 months. It is important that consumers also understand what this is all about, so that next time you hear about cloud hosting it should no longer be a technology jargon.

It is funny to think sometimes that people interpret the word "cloud" in different ways and make it an abstract concept. Infact, in laymen terms, the advantages are quite simple. If you have invested on a house that can hold 100 people, but your eventual rental income is only from 50 people, you are overpaying for the facility by 100%. This will eat into your actual profits and eventually add to wastage of resources. In todays world, when resources are limited and the Green concept is gaining momentum, it is criminal to waste resources. If you can optimize the way you run your business like this, not only are you reaping the benefits, you are setting those resources aside for other people to consume.

Cloud computing also has other advantages. It is changing how businesses and consumers use the Internet. The global interconnected network of personal computers and servers becomes transformed into a large virtual environment. Within this environment, a user may anchor himself by outsourcing his entire operating system. A user can run his applications or host his websites remotely using a server in the cloud. Cloud hosting is rapidly developing into a viable business model. Hosting a website in the cloud is much more convenient than physically purchasing new server equipment. Simply increasing the amount of memory available on a hosting account and pointing new domain names is often enough.

The options available for cloud hosting have grown considerably since cloud computing first began to catch on in 2007 and 2008. Around the world, cloud hosting is changing how different people use the Internet. Cloud hosting in India is especially popular and becoming more so all the time. The availability of broad band internet has worked as a catalyst in this change. The ability of a user to remotely deploy software and operating systems using cloud computing increases the effectiveness of cloud hosting. It is now possible to host a website in the cloud using a remote operating system. The separation of the user from a physical location results in increased productivity, convenience and most of all reliability.

All the user needs to connect to the Internet is a computer with an Internet connection. So-called "netbooks" gaining popularity today can access their operating systems remotely over the Internet. The convenience lies in the fact that desktops and laptops do not have to carry near the equipment they used to. All they need is a central processing unit, basic memory and an Internet connection. The only program that runs on the netbook is a Web browser like Firefox or Google Chrome. This will also bring down the cost of buying expensive licenses individually.

Taking the cloud computing concept and applying it to web hosting has several advantages. Traditional hosting environment is either under utilized or over utilized. Customer ends up paying more than he actually wants. In cloud hosting, the hosting account is scalable, meaning the user can add or subtract resources as the user's needs dictate.  Cloud hosting companies often have multiple redundant systems available. The user can rest assured in the knowledge that his data is protected by at least one backup. Depending on the arrangement with the hosting company, he may have multiple backups. It is common for large companies to have a plethora of redundant instances of their sites up and running, especially with e-commerce sites.

Users can take advantage of redundancy with cloud hosting to give themselves a more robust foundation for their website. Best of all, a cloud hosting company will have its own facility and network architecture. Cloud hosting in India is more robust when users do not have to worry about buying and maintaining the server equipment they use. Plenty of businesses that use professional data centers have to worry about that under managed hosting programs. Better still, there are also companies like LeelaHost which actually allows you to resell cloud hosting at attractive prices.

Cloud hosting will take the communications system known as the Internet to a new level. It also contributes to the green movement reducing wastage of resources. The Internet has already changed how businesses get work done and how people stay in touch with one another. As cloud computing continues to advance and conquer new problems, it will further transform the evolution of internet business models.

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